#MillionsMissing 2020 Events Calendar

Organiser Instructions

Register your public event here.

If you have never hosted a #MillionsMissing event, check out our toolkit, FAQ’s, and Policies and if that doesn’t answer your questions, email us at millionsmissing@meaction.net

FAQ: https://millionsmissing.meaction.net/faq/
Policies: https://millionsmissing.meaction.net/policies/
Toolkit: http://bit.ly/mm2020toolkit

On the following form, you will be asked where your event will take place. If it is a public place, make sure you understand that you will need to consider rental, permits, and plans to recruit people.

Once you fill out the information for your event, you will be asked to create a log in, which will allow you to sign in and make edits to your event throughout the months to come. Make sure to save your username and password!

Register the “Name” of your event with the City, #MillionsMissing ie. "Los Angeles, CA #MillionsMissing." If there is more than one #MillionsMissing in your city, we will reach out to you for an alternative name.

You will be prompted to specify an exact address location in order to complete event registration. If you do not have an exact address yet you should choose a temporary placeholder address. Just be sure to put in the event description that the event location is still TBD and then update the address when you have it!

You can also register a GROUP virtual event by selecting "This is a virtual event with no location." Note individual "events" do not need to register and DO NOT REGISTER IF YOUR EVENT IS PRIVATE.

By registering, you acknowledge that this is an #MEAction event, that you have read the policies, and understand what you can and cannot do at a #MillionsMissing event. You agree to update the event when changes arise and update any individuals that RSVP.

We believe in you, and you’ve got this!

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